To get over an ex-lover by means of sex with other (preferably more attractive) partners. As the word suggests, it is implied that at least one cock is involved in said intimacy, but if you're a lesbian feel free to use it freely because no one really gives a shit, esp. if you intend to use a strap-on. Such relations are more often just casual sex, but who knows, maybe you'll end up in a relationship that is equally as unsatisfying as the previous one. Go get 'em Tiger.
Serena: I'm still not over Matt, I just miss him. I need something to distract me from this break up...

Jackie: Gurrl, see that fresh meat over there? Looks like you need to coccupy yourself.
by Jacquefeline March 5, 2013
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When a female has her heart set on someone but it's not working out at the moment, so she's fucking to past time.
Bro 1: "Dude weren't you with Sarah last night, I thought she was in love with Tyler? "

Bro 2: "She is bro, I'm just keeping her coccupied in the mean time"
by bwoodrapz September 13, 2016
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When one's homosexual friend is occupied (on the recieving end) and cannot make it to the pub for a round of darts.
Hey man, is Ralph coming down for a pint tonight?
Nah, he said he will be fully coccupied tonight his new boyfriend Alex will be balls deep by now.

Steve picked up 2 policemen last night and was doubly coccupied so didn't make it to the game.
by Travisto May 18, 2007
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