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The rare act of rimming ones anus with cocaine to induce a slower, deeper, high.
"I can't believe I just saw Raj do cocainus! He's fucking crazy!"
by Jordan B September 15, 2005
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What you call your anus after having smuggled cocaine inside of it.
Roberto: Carlos, run the border patrol has spotted us!

Carlos: I can’t. These bags are gonna burst inside my cocainus.
by Patty Papperman February 14, 2019
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The action of putting cocaine on/in the anus of an individual and inhaling it off/out.
Justin: Hey, Joe, did you hear I gave Samantha a cocainus last night?
Joe: Bro, that shit was crazy, I can’t believe you’re into that stuff.
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by bootyconsumer123 June 04, 2018
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