throwing a fistfull of rocks at someone, with a malice intention. generally screamed before you throw the rocks, but can also be used in the past to indicated that they have had rocks thrown at them.
Dan, stop clusterfucking Hazen.
Damn i got majorly clusterfucked today.
by the pink chicken January 17, 2006
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Situation in an fps (such as Halo 3) when one player gets attacked and slaughtered by 3+ players from another team at the same time
Jelly Means: Shit! Get over here man, four guys are attacking me!
Seb: Oh crap! You're getting cluster fucked!
Jelly Means: Fuck I died...
by Seb R. February 17, 2008
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When more than two people of the same or different sex sleep beside eachother. Close enough to touch and cuddle but not engage in sexual activity, providing comfort and warmth for all involved.
Three femals, two males clusterfuck at their afterprom in a queen size bed. Their clusterfuck allowes them all to fit on the bed and sleep throughout the night with warmth and comfort.
by ksolt92 May 12, 2011
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An exclamation proclaimed by Emily in a rather un-nerving pas de duex class at Burklyn '04. Robin and Kate helped to bring the phrase to popularity, and it has held strongly.
After falling out of her arabesque press, Emily proclaimed, "Clusterfuck! Shit!" and then proceded to enter into another arabesque
by ShaniquaPop August 07, 2006
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a word created by dane cook. meaning extremely fucked up. similar to FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Reason).
Cindy: man our school's really fucked up. everyone does crack
Takashi: i no. its just one big huge clusterfuck
by paulie bleeker June 10, 2008
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the clusters of fucking yummy goodness found in various cereal that are fucking good
rice krispie treats and honey bunchs of oats (clusters) which contain the cluster fucks
by oshwa shwa January 28, 2009
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