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clup is a very verrry vulgar term for someone usually one of the female species, no one really knows what it actually ,means.
Damn that bitch's clup stank or
what a fuckin clup!
by Lucie April 08, 2004
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a CLUP is the sound made by a horse that is a bit lame in one leg trotting down the road.
Healthy horse: Clip Clop Clip Clop
Lame in one leg horse: Clip Clup Clip Clup

Self explanitary really innit....
by Wellmashed May 19, 2005
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An underwater clap
The fish, upon the finale of the performance of Twelfth Night, did Clup with approval.
by The Ghost of Jacob Marley March 07, 2009
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A group of Nerdfighters who share a common interest, viewpoint, ailment, or other similarity.
1. Our clup is notsome because we can't figure out the clue for our scavenger hunt.

2. This clup is the coolest clup ever!!
by Brynnn August 26, 2008
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1:To put down
2:To kill
Often used in a farmyard setting for the treatment of defective animals.

- Poor Echo has doggy arthritis.
- Sounds like time he was clupsed.

- Where's Echo gone?
- He was due for a clupsing.
by joshstralasia March 30, 2011
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verb .. to perform sexual acts that only a clup would allow
He wanted to clup her so that she would spew him.
by slanghound March 05, 2007
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to get smacked in the face ridiculously hard so that your hole family can fell it.

a weir claping sound.
yo this nigga need to get cluped cause he being mad hurt.

yo some nigga just got cluped.

by she think she slikkk April 24, 2009
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