Like the junk punch for guys, this version involves basically doing a "cup check" on a woman. Basically I invented this by accident after my girl tried to "cup check" me. I figured that since she doesn't have the same parts... It wouldn't hurt as bad... Apparently (as she described it) it is the equivalent of a guy getting hit in the balls... My bad...
Like in the video game Saints Row the Third, that bitch was pissing me off so I had to use the clit punch attack.
by Painful jujitsu January 19, 2012
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A punch delivered to a woman's clitoris. Primarily done after excessive bitching from the female end.
"I was on my period and wouldn't stop bitching about tacos while Dale was going down on me, and he delivered a swift clitpunch to silence me."
by TwinkieHouse February 16, 2006
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