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The first entry in the "partial alphabet of intimacy"; it refers to what Prez Willie wanted to do with his "willy" while interacting with Monica Blewinsky and any other attractive female (well, other than his own wife, usually!) whom he laid eyes on.
Continuing on up in alphabetical order:
2. flintimacy: getting "close 'n' personal" when "flicking your Bic" or otherwise striking a light. Potentially very dangerous --- safety-goggles may protect your eyes from flying sparks, but you may still get pock-mark burns on your cheeks/chin/forehead (or a total face-blackening if you get too close to a torch when it ignites in a huge jet of flame or a humongous fireball if you mindlessly had the acetylene turned up too high!, à la Laurel and Hardy)
3. glintimacy: where you "get friendly" with shiny/sparkly objects/materials. A sign of being close to glitter-coated Christmas cards is when you end up with "twinkly fingers" afterwards from loosened glitter-particles
4. hintimacy: merely implying that you love someone, rather than actually coming out and saying so in a plain "obvious" way
5. lintimacy: where you get snuggly with "shedding" cloth items
6: mintimacy: necking with someone after using menthol-flavored toothpaste/mouthwash
7: printimacy: loving the scent of fresh ink; watch out for messy dark-blue stains on your nose
8: stintimacy: having an affair with one or more fellow military personnel during your tour of duty
And #9: tintimacy: affectionately burying your face in a gal's hair shortly after she dyes it; again, as with #7, this practice can result in embarrassing smears of blonde/brown/red pigment on your lips/nose/cheeks

As a result of Willie J's rampant 'n' wanton "clintimacy", half the youngsters in D.C. have his DNA (and his stupid lecherous smirky grin)!
by QuacksO July 09, 2019
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