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A clingbat is a person or animal that tends to hang around too much. A clingbat often brings stress and unhappiness to those he/she/it clings to. An annoying personality is associated with clingbats. Such an example would be a neighborhood boy staying at your house too much even after you tell him he is unwelcome or a squirrel that runs around in the attic even after you try to get it out.
John is always coming over wanting me to play basketball with him. He is such a clingbat.

That clingbat will never leave me alone!

annoying pest nuisance
by Burgundy Roundhouse October 27, 2013
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someone who's seriously got some cling issues. They won't leave their loved ones alone for two seconds and when their lover's like "chill out!" they simply cling more. But, hey, they can't help it. give 'em a break.
by the Clingbat July 20, 2009
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