it a strategic sex position in which the man fucks the women upside down and sideways.
me and you fucking cliffside style preferably in the kuter
by cliffside hero March 25, 2011
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A town that's overly populated but there is absolutely NOTHING to do there. Want to sit on your ass all day? GO TO CLIFFSIDE PARK!
dude: I visited my grandma in Cliffside Park yesterday.
dudette: What did you do?
dude: Nothing
by cliffsideparkresident January 22, 2011
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a cliffside park gangster rarely excists and is very hard to find. gangsters take up about 5% of the cliffside park population. if seen these people are harmless and should never be feared. They were not raised in the hood so they just act like what they see but there only trying to be cool. they were raised by chavs and preps. they will never hurt or do you wrong in anyway because they dont know how to hustle. there attitudes are usually bubbly and kind, But they give other gangsters a sense of corneyness. in cliffside park they are known as chavs and woawdiez.
a cliffside park gangster is a chav!
by 889 August 08, 2007
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