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Somebody who believes that, by mouse clicking repeatedly on an icon or button, he/she will make the computer/website respond faster.
Sadly, this behavior can actually make a computer run slower. Often, the clickaholic knows this, but can't control the compulsion to click obsessively anyway.
Clickaholics are also known to apply the same philosophy in analagous situations, such as pressing the return key.
Clickaholic: click click click click
Computer: ......
Clickaholic: Dammit! Why won't this program open already??
Computer: .....
Clickholic: click CLICK CLICK CLICK!!!!!
by creaternity April 15, 2006
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he who clicks his pen nervously and is really annoying
"yo whats that noise, im trying to take a test"

"yo thats just johnny, he's a clickaholic"
by josh Hiem May 21, 2007
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