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The eventual societal state resulting from basing everything on the number of clicks that specific internet weblinks receive. When a society becomes truly "click driven", truth, right and wrong, even reality itself are perceived through the count of the clicks various weblinks receive, not through facts or science or direct observation.
Mike: The President is an idiot.
Bob: I thought he was doing a pretty good job.
Mike: Check the internet. Dozens of sites are talking about how stupid he is. And those sites are getting way more hits than other sites.
Bob: Yeah but the number of hits on a website doesn't mean anything...
Mike: What? Hits are like votes; the more people that click a link, the more true it is likely to be.
Bob: I guess we're entering the "click driven" societal state.
Mike: What?
Bob: Nothing... By the way... Adios truth.
Mike: You're weird.
by geekmalone May 17, 2017
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