a promiscuous woman who follows athletes (baseball or football) usually on the college level, in the hopes of having intercourse with one of them
Yo, that bitch is a cleat chaser, the whole team has nailed her.
by Aaron Rock October 30, 2003
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Primarily used to describe baseball groupies at any level of professional baseball, cleat chasers are women who sleep with ball players simply because the guys are rich and famous. She has minimal preference for any particular team or player. She may be attractive but more likely is not because ball players have no loyalty to these women and just want to get laid.
A really active or long-term cleat chaser is described as thus: she could field her own all star team.

A cleat chaser who hits it with a player while he is on the road is referred to as road beef.

A particularly unattractive woman - usually quite overweight - are referred to as a slump buster. The guy has sex with a cleat chaser like this to break out of his batting slumping.
by TenAngellRoad July 19, 2010
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A male or female who is primarily attracted to ball players for talent, stats and swag. Activities include watching immense amount of baseball, attending every game, and pure love of the sport, on and off the field.
by warriorsblew31 May 6, 2017
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A girl that desperateley follows male atheletes via social sights and/or mostly games in order to fulfill and become a side-chic. These girls usually are all average or worse, but due to a athlete showing them attention (one night-maybe 2 night stands) they think they are all of a sudden a 5star chic
Out of town football player:Did you hear about those Cleat Chasers Tennessee girls?
Guy#2: yeah my boy from the Titans said they areeasy, they some straight up cleat chasers down there. We're gonna be winning tonight for sure!
by Jamarcuz Ruselle August 28, 2011
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