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an agressive, bipolar bitch who doesn't know what she wants and often has mental/emotional breakdowns and drains everyone with her paranoia issues yet we can't help but still love her
"im gonna cry!"-claudie
by anonymous April 05, 2005
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Claudie is one of those people who when you look at are living in a picture perfect world. All the boys chase her, everybody seems to like her and she gets invited to all of the parties. Because of this Claudie thinks that she is better than everybody else and that everybody should worship her and if you don't then she will cut you off and turn everybody against you. In other words, she is very full of herself. Another example of this is the fact that Claudie thinks she is going to go after school and become the worlds next supermodel when really shes hideous with her poorly shaped and dyed eyebrows and trashy dye job hair along with her enormous nose, disgusting and tacky taste in clothing and makeup, along with her manly body shape. Despite Claudie's flaw of being up herself, she can at times be sweet, kind and an amazing friend who you can create many amazing memories with. But be careful if you start to outshine her, piss her off or if she has no use for you anymore she will cut you off immediately and turn people against you. All in all she is amazing at manipulating people.
Be careful of Claudie

Tread lightly around her

beware of her selfishness
by hollyrae December 24, 2018
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