When one of your friends from a group of 16 friends gets murdered and 3 people discover the body, a hot girl controlling a godly powerful mechanical bear will appear out of nowhere, give you a 'monokuma file' and force you to do a class trial after a few hours.

In the class trial you will guess who the murderer is (it can't be the bear) and force the bear to execute the murderer (aka, 'blackened')
We just found this body of our friend who was in our 16 people friend group and now we have to do a class trial *sighs*
by Biakuya ToGAMER September 26, 2020
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Where 15 or less students find the murdered (aka 'blackened)
In a few hours, the CLASS TRIAL will begin
by Biakuya ToGAMER September 26, 2020
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A class trial is a debate where the students taking part are trying to figure out which one of them killed another student

From the game Danganronpa
During the Class Trial you will present your arguments for who the killer is, and vote for ¨whodunnit¨ ~Monokuma
by ThatOtherGuyAlex July 02, 2018
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