To recieve fatal injury via "gats" or "straps". Usualy occurs when two individuals are experiencing extreme hatred towards one another.
"Both yall bout to get clapped up, both yall"
by Pwn Emo Bitch July 16, 2006
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Usually used to describe someone who was harassed, jumped, smacked, or possibly beaten.
"Hey, you heard what happened to Jackie?!"
'Yeah, I heard that bitch got clapped up.'
by Moofles March 12, 2009
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What you apparently have to do to little guys with attitudes.
almost had to clap up zane from 1 direction because he is a little guy and has an attitude
by pinge February 27, 2020
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Used as slang to mean that you gave someone chlamydia or to explain that you have chlamydia. It is usually associated with an nsa hookup whereby the person that is 'clapped up' didn't realise the person they slept with had chlamydia.
I was clapped up in the supermarket carpark by Jeffrey. I didn't realise...
by YoDontBeThatGirl October 11, 2016
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A slang term for fucking a bitch. Most of time it's a quick in and out affair, and the sex partners aren't in a relationship.
Bro, after 9 months she's finally gonna let me clap up.
She was not what I expected, man. I'll never clap up again.
by The Almighty Omega October 22, 2017
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use interchangeably with "fuck" "fix" and "jack"
Did that virus clap up your computer?

Yeah, the guy who cleaned it for me said my laptop was all clapped up.

What software did he use to clap it up?
by tonyrums June 7, 2011
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