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it is when have over three girls bending over in a line, fucking the first one then moving to the second one and so on.
There was four girls at my house and they all bent over so i can stick my penis in their vaginas.
by Byrdee January 23, 2005
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The most trustworthy friend you could ever have. She is known to many people as the "couple maker". Normally brown haired and hazel eyed. Normally dates a Tyler, Evan, Or Jacob. Is OBSESSED with eating and sleeping. Normally has a best friend by the name of Madison Or Blakele. She is an AMMMMAAAZZZINNGGG friend and will always have your back.
Madison:"Clancey is my best friend!"
Evan:" She's My Girlfriend! "
by Tiffany Shelton July 28, 2017
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A highly trained sniper that always gets gets his target.
Soldier #1: Shhh... *whispers* I heard there's a Clancey two miles out.

Soldier #2: *Laughs* there is nothing to be afraid of... *pokes head up for a few seconds* ...see what I... *BOOM HEADSHOT*!
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