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A group of guidettes who love to club and have sex with random men at club abyss. They wear only clubbing attire and never smile for pictures. They always make a kissy face. They wear metallic pink lipstick that looks like semen. This type of lipgloss is most commonly known as semen lipstick. These girls wear an overabundance of orange bronzer and black eyeliner.
Hey, guys check out the Clamjabls, one of their nipples just popped out.
by bananas_n_blow April 05, 2006
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Clamjabls is a newly discovered, life threatening sexually transmitted disease. It was covered briefly in the news, but was quickly eclipsed by the spread of the H1N1 virus, although Clamjabls's effects are far more deadly and painful.

The symptoms of Clamjabls are difficult to describe and pinpoint as many that are infected are too embarrassed to come forward with this relevant information, although it has been strongly encouraged by the United States Health Coalition.

Clamjabls are highly contagious and can be contracted through any type of sexual contact, including eye-fucking, cyberfucking, and dirty talk of all kinds (including in person, skype, and text or phone conversations).

Outbreaks have been frequent and devastating in the Central Jersey region, and officials are doing their best to quell the crisis and rid the state of all infected individuals.

The Public Health Coalition asks that you are selective when choosing partners and that you use proper protection during sexual interactions. Unfortunately, some cases have been contracted during sexual tension for which there is no known protection at this time. There are no known treatments for Clamjabls, but there are support groups cropping up all over the nation to provide a safe haven for those infected as well as a place to heal their emotional wounds.
Hey, are you coming to our fundraiser for Clamjabls awareness month?
by Lez, the Informer October 28, 2009
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Clamjabls are a group of guidettes located in central New Jersey. They are commonly seen in places such as Club Abyss and wear only clubbing attire purchased at Bang Bang. They never smile for pictures and always make a kissy-face. Their kissy-face, however is easily distinguished from any other by the color of their lips. This color is attained by the application of a light pink, almost silver, metallic lipgloss or lipstick. The term for this lip color is called semen lipstick. They wear an overabundance of black eyeliner, mascara, and a bronzer of an orangy hue. Clamjabls will most likely date a guido or a strait up gangsta.
Check out the Clamjabls. They're grinding on those dudes in the velour sweatpants.
by Shoebenesque April 06, 2006
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a group of hot girls who everyone seems to be jealous of n hate on when they r mad they cant be one ! .. dont be jealous becasue they have a hot fashion sense .. and the guys want them n not you !!
clamjabls are hott mothhaa fuckasss
by ii wannna be clamjabls October 13, 2006
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