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any person who moves in on someone else's significant other AFTER they've been schooled in the finer art of sexual experimentation by yourself
That claim jumping bastard Kyle! I taught Jenny everything I knew about wild sexual shit, then he makes a move on her.
by Steven October 26, 2004
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As with other urban area restaurants, always make plural the name, whether it requires pluralization or not.
"Where we go for lunch today?"
"Let's go to Claimjumpers!"
by Anonymous July 15, 2003
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(Noun) 1. Claim Jumper - one who, even when better concentrates are available for free, will instead acquire and consume reclaim by any means necessary. (Reclaim Noun is defined as the substance that forms inside of a device used to smoke marijuana concentrates with heavy usage.)
"Bryan is such a claim jumper - This rig's joint was almost clogged but now it is damn near crystal clear and he is high as fuck."
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by AndoranGambler October 03, 2017
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