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"City rat" is universal and multicultural term for a person/s, that spend their time in metropolitan areas such as a city for no particular reason. They have distinguishable features such as snapback hats, hipster hair cuts and Adidas LA trainers. They can often be found posing in front of graffitied walls or with a milkshake in hand. When called a "city rat" they can and will become quite agitated and defensive.
That city rat isn't doing anything productive with their life.
by Adam Waterlude March 11, 2015
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A bunch of troubled teens who spend the majority of their adolescence hanging around Perth city getting into fights, doing drugs, stealing so on. City rats are very distinguishable as most of them wear the basic uniform of tn’s, adidas track pants, kappa jumper, nose piercing and a fanny pack to hide all of their drugs in.
Stacy: Sarah is such a city rat she’s in the city every single day doing drugs
by Milfsgonewild May 18, 2018
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