A person from the city who goes to the country and trys to fit in
Did you see that citidiot hiking with the starbucks cup and the cell phone
by Jay.K August 8, 2007
Someone from an urban area who moves to a rural area. They come in masses, seemingly over night and ruin small town life.
"Them damn citidiots are buyin' up the best deer huntin' spots and buildin' their fancy summer homes."
by chris beath September 11, 2007
Someone from the City who ventures to the country for small periods of time for "vacation" and annoys the hell out of country folk.

Someone defined by the following characteristics:

1. Someone who needs indoor plumbing on a regular basis (regular showers)
2. Someone who cannot build a camp fire
3. Someone who cannot put up a tent
4. Someone who wears cologne/perfume outside of the city/suburb
5. Someone who knows nothing of the country, country music or country etiquette
6. Someone who cannot survive without technology
7. Someone who complains about the country, when in the country, to country people while boasting about the city
8. Someone who is sacred of local wildlife and continually asks "what's that smell/noise?"
9. Someone who can't defend themselves against Mosquitoes

10. Someone who confuses plaid and flannel
Jamie's such a citidiot, why did we invite him camping?
by ginger_rdp August 28, 2014
Someone from upstate New York that goes into the hamptons or any rural area and causes accidents and traffic and is just plain rude.
Manager: You're late to work again

Employee: it's summer you know how that is

Manager: oh yeah those damn citidiots causing all that traffic
by Hamptonsslang July 27, 2014
Someone from a city that is in a rural area. A citidiot is labled this from podunkers because well because they are labled as podunkers.
How can you tell who is a citidiot and who is a podunker? One uses the bathroom the other pees off their front porch when there is a bathroom within 5 feet.
by inpodunkhell August 6, 2009