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When a woman (often submissive and needy) spends all her time searching for her "prince charming" to come rescue her; brainwashed by rosy romantic images and ideals.

Women with this personality trait often lose good guys because they feel the guy they are presently with doesn't fit their ideal of the perfect man.

She dreams of living a fairy tale lifestyle where she meets this prince and they fall madly in love and live happily ever after in a magical fantasy where all of her needs and desires are taken care of.
"I just KNOW that one day my prince charming will come rescue me, and we'll have a magical kiss under the stars and he'll whisper I love you and he'll take me away to his castle and we'll live happily ever after!1!!!"
by j0813 January 12, 2005
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When a person is looking to get into a relationship, and thinks that everyone with an interest in them could be their prince/princess charming. Someone with a Cinderella complex is said to have terrible luck with relationships (which are usually ended by the complexed person). In search of the perfect fairy tale ending, anyone with signs of interest becomes a potential suitor. The use of the brain is severly diminished.
person 1: why'd they break up?
person 2: well, she realized nick wasnt right for her. she dove into it too soon.
person 1: well, i couldve told you that BEFORE they started.
person 2: well, how about YOU try stomping on a girl's potential fairy tale. try it. i dare you.
person 1: damn that cinderella complex!!
by $e9a August 19, 2009
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When your sweet pumpkin carriage life turns back into a shitty honda civic at midnight cuz you have a shit job and a shit life.
"Aw stay for some more drinks Alicia!"
"I want to but i cant, ive got a real bad case of cinderella complex"
by Jessesolo February 16, 2016
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