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A sexy, talented being. Smashing smile. One of the stronest/fearless people you can ever know in the worst of situations. Alway helping others she cares about. Trust worthy. Very original. One of the best friends you could have as a ciarda is very honest, open and sensual within a friendship. Dark haired/skin. Glowing beauty with a top notch body. Big booty. Absolute top girl however carrys a bad/false reputation which gradually is left behind. Love or hate kind of girl. Widely artistic with a huge fan base of her skills to socialize/communicate. Great sense of style. Guys fall easily for her. However in relationships with her partners a ciarda is known to be a heart breaker
boy1- She has gorgeous hair and make up
boy2- Look at her smile
boy3- Yeap shes a golden girl

all- She's such a Ciarda!
by cici123 June 10, 2011
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