This is actually a hindi word derived from the phenomenon called "Chutiyapa". It is a rude word for "Idiot" or "Jerk". It can be found in the person who possess some vital abilities either to fuck the whole situation or to do something so idiotic that makes others spot him as a Chutiya.

Being a chutiya is what human is doing from the ancient times. Humans tend to grow this art to make lifes harder for those people whom they don't like or simply for being a jerk among his/her surrounding.
Bhai chutiya hai kya?
Chutiya banana apne baap ko BC.
Chal chutiye, nikal idhar se.
by SHUBHAMKD October 28, 2015
Chutiya, Its mainly used to address the dorks yu see everywhere in the world. The noob of the gang or an asshole... Yu call him a CHUTIYA in hindi. Or when yu see anyone acting lame, yu call him a Chutiya. Yu are annoyed at anyone, he deserves the title of > Chutiya
(Because of him everyone made fun of our group, Dork)

Uski wajah se sab hamaare group pe hans rahe the, Chutiya.


A:Tera naam kya hai?
B:Pyaar se sab Dhakkan bulaate hain.
A: Chutiya ^#($%#@

Abbey Chutiyon, samajh aaya? Yu get the drill?
by JayBee1 April 19, 2009
Most frequently used abuse/endearment in india...means dickhead jerk asshole
example: You are the biggest chutiya I've ever seen.
by Yo-Daddy March 17, 2014
Chutiya Is Language which is mostly use for Salman Khan , he is Biggest Chutiya Of Bollywood !! He also knows as Criminal of Bollywood
Hey ! Look Salman is a Chutiya & His Fans Are rikshawalas
by Salwoman bhoi February 13, 2020
Chutiya's are the fans of Akshay Kumar Who is known for his Fake deshbhakti (Patriotism) and 80 Disasters .
Don't argue with this Chutiya , he is Akshay Kumar Fan all Akkians are Chutiya's
by Sandeep Pathak November 17, 2019