Daksh refers to a person who is the best of all.He is proficient in all the works.Name is given to the person having extra-ordinary abilities only after the consent of all levels of government (legislature, judiciary and executive) .That's why this name is found rarely. It is said in India that meeting a person named "Daksh" is equivalent to getting Moksha. They preach peace,happiness and truth.Some people say that they have divine powers.
Boy(to mom):There is boy named "Daksh" in my class
Mom:Try to secure second position chap..

Something good will happen today since i have seen Daksh in my dream.

Daksh save me,Daksh bless u
by Divineconnection March 17, 2013
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An first name of Indian origin meaning competent. Used primarly for boys.
Hot girl:Who is that handsome competent boy over there?

Hot girl's ugly friend: Omg it's Daksh!
by kash3d May 22, 2009
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Sexy boy who everyone likes and is super sexy
Omg daksh is sexy
Ofcourse he is sexy

So sexy
Sexy sexy sexy
by Dakshissexy September 17, 2018
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Someone who is into krunker and loves it so much that he makes youtube videos out of it, He is very good at handball and likes basketball too bad im better than him.
Daksh is okay.
by KleePaimonQiqi June 15, 2021
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A typical type of Godzilla mostly in a carnation of a Human... Angry in nature... lives in a Bunglow mostly near some movie theater. But if you summarize the meaning of "Daksh Sewani" It basically means king of godzilla and likes to hitpeople for no reason.
You are mad like a Daksh Sewani!!!
by Unknown knowledge! November 28, 2019
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