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A Christian who believes that it is extremely important to not only be a Christian, but, also to be a member of their specific denomination.

Quite a few Christians I know are Churchians. They do not like it when I visit Christian churches that are not of their denomination.
by L. E. Yah February 28, 2009
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A religious person whose faith revolves around adhering to rules and traditions of organized religions -- namely, institutional versions of Christianity -- rather than around the concepts of love, tolerance, etc. that the religion actually teaches.
80% of the "Christians" in America are really just "churchians".
by Don Dueck April 15, 2006
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A churchian is one who behaves as if their denomination, group, or affiliation beliefs and traditions take precedence of the actual truth of the Bible, and often reject other denominations merely based on nomenclature.

Churchians also often behave and conduct themselves more like secular individuals than people who bind themselves to the precepts of the Bible, and will often outright reject the teachings of the Bible in order to fit into contemporary, modern mores and protocol.
What religion are you?
I'm a Baptist.
Wait, isn't Baptist a denomination of protestant Christianity, so basically you're a Christian. You read your King James Bible, right?
No, I'm a Baptist, and we don't do all the goofy things that people, like Presbyterians do.
But aren't Presbyterians Christians too? My uncle is Presbyterian and he swears by the King James.
Well supposedly, but Presbyterians tolerate gays and women.
Nevermind, you churchians are confusing.
by PedatEbediyah February 28, 2016
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