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Within Hispanic social environments, a word used to describe those people who are less refined, used words that are fusions of English and Spanish and embarras the rest of the Hispanic community. Hispanics who really follow the Mexican and Latino stereotypes. Those who especially wear long pointy boots, taco looking cowboy hats and like going to clubs and dances (bailes). One who likes the very, very, very, anoying Mexican music.
Ese 1: Bro, did you see Rudy's boots!. Gosh, they are so freaking pointy. He is a freaking chuntz

Ese 2: I know man. He makes me feel embarrased to be mexican
by Brizzy Izzy July 21, 2011
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According to our research team, L & S Inc., the first origins of "Chuntz" was reported roughly around 1993 A.D. Although not widely used, this term is a great and fun way to make fun of your friends. It breaks down like so:

Take the first two letters of chin.
Then you take the last three letters of the "slang" version of nuts. Which is "nutz"...this gives you "CHUNTZ".

1. Someone who enjoys the feel of balls against his chin.

2. Yet another way to call someone a cocksucker.
1. I'm not a Chuntz, you're a Chuntz.

2. You like the cock? Dude, you're a Chuntz.
by Phil HA Facio September 09, 2004
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