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(v.) To severely creep on someone of the opposite sex and acknowledge the apparent creeping in hopes that it will strike up conversation and eventually lead to a good ending.

(n.) One who acts in a purposeful creeperish manner in order to strike up conversation with those of the opposite sex
"Time to chunn on some b*tches!"

"Look at the Creeper over there chunning those two girls..."

"I don't mean to chunn you, but I was standing behind you, making a face while you two took a picture and wondered if you wanted a drink."

"You can tell by his oddly paired clothes he's a chunn!"
by 373 March 04, 2009
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A line (sometimes only imaginary) that extends along the body beginning at the base of the belly-button, and terminates at the clitorial region. The bulkier the person gets, the more pronounced the chunn becomes. When the chunn is noticeable, the person is immediately deemed "too fat." This is the leading method for the "too fat cut-off."
That fat chick's chunn is like the Greenwich Mean Line. Sick.
by Paccali April 23, 2006
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