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The person who always ends up puking when under the influence of alcohol. You know the guy. Taken from the 80s childrens cartoon, Thundercats.
-Man, Jeff puked in the sink! Again!
-He's a total chundercat.
-A chundercat?
by Revchu September 09, 2004
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the chundercats are a super elite group of dumb bitches who go out drinking everyweekend and end up puking, falling and getting in people's faces all evening. The events of the evening are usually discussed and laughed about the next day with the other dumb bitches whom they work with.
Bill (to Steve): Hey I invited Becky and her friends over on Friday to drink with us before we go out.
Steve: dude! I don't want those hookers in our house! they're fuckin Chundercats!
Bill: yeah I know, but they are also the dumbest hooers we know and they may do somethin strange for a little piece of change
Steve: Fine, but when they Chunder, and they will Chunder, you are cleaning that shit up.

Chundercats (upon arrival): (raising their swords of power) Chundercats. HO!
by shiteater9000 April 14, 2010
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