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slang Hindi word usually used to imply some kind of problem with high intensity
"tumhara chulla kya hai?" or "What is your chulla?" would roughly translate to "What is your fucking problem?"
by RAKESH ROSHAN November 24, 2013
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(Ecuador) -- Chulla is derived from a Quichua word meaning "impar" or odd as in an odd number. It can also be used when talking about a missing item that once was part of a pair. Chulla can also refer to a stereotypical image of people from Quito, called "chullo quiteño". The chullo quiteño is characterized by being of indigenous-hispanic descent, clever,friendly, and talkative.
For example: If you lose a sock, the remaining sock is a "chulla" sock.
Tengo una chulla media porque se me perdió la otra.
by J-D-A May 23, 2007
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