The act of laughing so hard that one cannot stop. Sometimes the word itself brings this action.
Ex 1: Dude, last night we chucklefucked so hard, it was awesome.

Ex 2: Hot Shots: Part Deux always sends me into a giant chucklefuck.
by crampface March 14, 2010
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1) (n.) A person who indulges (often at length) in laughing obnoxiously at their own statements, be they humorous or not.

2) (n.) A person who indulges in accomplishing the same social faux pas with the written though by using the common "LOL" at the end of their own Social Networking posts.

i.e. "I just desecrated my toilet after taco night! LOL!!"

3) (n.) A term of endearment for somebody you would like to gently slander, yet still remain friends with.
1) Don't let that Chucklefuck tell you a joke, you'll never get to the punchline.

2) My brother is a total Chucklefuck, I can't even respond to his posts, it's too embarrassing.

3) What's up Chucklefuck? It's been awhile!
by Pass the Critical Thought PLS! September 26, 2010
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An idiot or wise ass that has nothing better to do than fight on the interwebs.
That Splendid sure is a chucklefuck.
by Someone5150 June 03, 2007
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Any individual who's lack of general knowledge, common sense, logic, or critical thinking skills is so pathetic and minuscule, it is laughable.
Look at all those Chucklefucks who tried to storm the Capitol.
by MissBeaHaven January 19, 2021
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A long overly exasperated use of the world or action chuckle. Too much laughter, or using the word too much. Especially when the joke has gone stale.
Vinny: "that's the key word tonight, chuckle. Chucklefuck."
by Mrs. Panda July 15, 2016
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a phrase used to describe someone who is being a complete asshole. The person won't stop being idiotic and deserves a good smack in the face.
"Dude, shut up, you're being such a chuckle fuck"
by Pat May 07, 2003
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