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Chuck Comeau is the drummer of the band, Simple Plan. He's hard working and dedicated to his band and is one of the main songwriters.
- "For everybody who hates our band, there's like 1000 kids who fucking love it. So, to me, that's a pretty good ratio. It's all good, it's all worth it."
- "We never asked everyone in the world to like our band. I think we make musiv for ourselves and the kids out there who enjoy it. The rest of the people don't have to come to out shows and don't have to fucking wear simple Plan shirts."

i rest my case. Chuck Comeau rocks.
by \\ Jane // March 19, 2006
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Born on September 17th, 1979, Chuck is the drummer and main songwriter of the Canadian band Simple Plan. He also is the man behind many of the band's video concepts and even co-directed a few. He is intelligent, funny, devoted, hard-working and extremely talented.
by starstruck_dreams November 26, 2006
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Chuck Comeau is the drummer for the french-canadian band, Simple Plan. Chuck's full name is Charles-Andre Comeau and he was born on the 17th of September, 1979. He's a pretty funny and caring guy,who's also pretty hot.
Chuck Comeau is a kool, little guy!
by Lauren Sern October 14, 2005
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