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the sound made when someone gags while giving a blowjob. (the 'C' is silent)
getting a blowjob, listening to her slurp and smack her lips, all of a sudden "chu...chub...chub...CHUBBUCK!" (the 'C' is silent) she gags a little! no prob. slow your roll playa and begin again.

the word chubbuck comes from the ancient greek, meaning 'to choke with dick'. lost for centuries, the word has a new found audience with todays hip youth.

example: "She really chubbucked last night. (on my dick)", or , "I sure hope your huge cock doesn't make me chubbuck. (because of the enormous size)(it's huge)"
by squirelr21 September 28, 2011
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A chubbuck is a female incel. Named so, after Christine Chubbuck, who committed suicide in 1974 after spending her whole life experiencing the pains of inceldom.
Damian: How's you boyfriend?
His sister: I dont have one
Damian: Why not?
His sister: Coz all the guys I like rebuff me.
Damian: What do you have some ki barrier around you or something?
His sister: No, I'm just an incel chubbuck
by invert cattso May 31, 2018
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