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A christian fuck is different from most of your average christians, in that he or she is completely unable or unwilling to leave their religion out of a conversation, event, or activity.

You see these people instantly in any public setting because they make themselves seen. They'll often carry bibles or wear 6-foot-long metal crosses around their necks. When they're not telling you you're going to go to hell for your sinful ways, they're either being homeschooled by their equally fucking insane parents, or at Church sponsored gatherings.

The most noticeable thing about a "Christian Fuck" is that he or she will almost always reference scripture when talking to you. They don't care if you're in a closed car or at Subway trying to get a bite to eat, anything and everything that comes out of their brainwashed little mouth is something about their religion.

These are the same people that rant and rave about "keeping god in schools" although the irony being that they are all home school-bubble-children who have never even set foot in a public education facility, but that doesn't stop their brainwashed christian psychopath parents from telling them that public school is a dark place of sin and villainy.

Christian Fucks are also very sheltered, they live in little bubbles that they create themselves and are violently opposed to any alternative view that contradicts the bible in any way. They have canned responses for every scientific fact that's been proven, and spout them off like robots at the drop at a hat.

Christian Fucks should be avoided at all costs.
Billy the Christian Fuck told everyone that holding hands was the devil, because the devil has hands and he uses them for holdin'
by pizzalicioussd May 03, 2008
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