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Is an exclamation upon the sight of Jesus from Nasareth, known to Christians as Jesus Christ, riding a bicycle, bike, motorcycle, chopper or other similar means of transport. The exclamation generally indicates surprise or shock and additionally (depending on the speaker's religious views and attitude towards bikes) happiness, hope, uncertainty, frustration or anger.
Christ on a bike! What happened to your car???
by Eques October 16, 2013
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an exclaimation made when something has shocked a person very much
"christ on a bike, my best friend mary is preggers!"

"christ on a bike that hurt"
by iamthegreatestwooooo! March 23, 2004
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1. An outburst of anger or frustration that the wankers (q.v.) are once again "getting on your tits" through their incompetence.

Used by IT support staff to describe the feelings of loss of temper towards "users"; when once again, they've fucked up the system.

2. An outburst of shock at the prospect of immenent death, injury or pain.
"Christ on a bike; don't those wankers ever listen to a fucking word we tell them?"

by Stan Grytviken April 01, 2003
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