Those fake, insincere religious people who worship the false idol that has come to be known as "Republican Jesus". They want you to think they follow Jesus Christ, but they behave in the exact opposite way He taught us to be. In fact, they have even launched efforts to go beyond cherry-picking the Holy Bible they raised a stink over as being "the literal, error-free Word" and are now finding ways to remove parts or alter it so the "liberal parts" can't be used against their cold-hearted, cruel, mean treatment of the less fortunate.

Their "faith" is in politics. This began when "evangelicals" in Big Religion joined forces with the party of Big Business, aka the Republican party when Reagan ran.

They represent the TV evangelist hucksters who con grandma out of her Social Security money. The wolves in sheep's clothing The Bible warns us about. Basically, the racist, hateful assholes of religion in general.

Note that it must never be capitalized except when at the beginning of a sentence.
Pat Robertson is actually a chrishun leader who makes false statements constantly based on politics, not The Holy Bible.

Joel Osteen is a chrishun con artist motivational speaker who has enriched himself into being a millionaire. on the backs of the less fortunate.

Donald Trump was allegedly put in office by deplorable chrishuns.
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by Puddintan3 September 04, 2017
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