chrisean rock is a beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, gorgeous girl she has the prettiest smile to be seen. she knows her worth, she brings confidence to others. may be known as “rock” on “baddies west” on zeus and other shows, such as “seany” on “ultimate tag”. she’s also pregnant (at the moment) i think she would be a really good mom, especially a girl mom. she’s also really pretty.. did i mention that already?
you know chrisean rock off of zeus, right?”
by 2rare June 16, 2023
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A delusional weird drug addict. her drug is Blueface, an engaged man to Jaidyn whom he’s been with for a long ass time. At this point, it makes me feel like she likes Blueface more than her own son with the way that shes throwing her life away. Needs to leave Summer Walker alone. She got a snaggle tooth, no man, fucked up life and a baby she cant even hold right. Summer Walker didn't lie dont get mad because she showed you truth and she got mad, she acting like she gon fight summer like her security wont body the fuck outta her. Know your place , you’re 23 act like it. Before you go back to Blueface how about you fix yo mama teeth cause we both she aint got none. We can see you taking inspo for her. focus on your son who got leaked because of YOU. I feel bad ghat you his mother this is the definition of all children deserve parents, but not all parents deserve children. How can your big sister come on the job that you apparently is the “star of” and take your place… you not the fan favourite anymore sis 🤣
Nita: yk chrisean rock?

Chelsea: that one bitch who pulled her tooth out because of a man🤣

Nita: Yeahhhh he said i was as delusional as chrisean, i cried.
by ReadThem October 28, 2023
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