A pretty girl with the face of an angel. She glows when she smiles, and looks as if she is the happiest girl on earth. She loves her friends. She is satisfied with the smallest things. Money cant win her, only love can. She has patience and is very determined to let love find her. She can be quiet or very outgoing. She is great with kids, and wants so much more for hers than what she had growing up. Her life is nothing more than a wreck. All she needs is a little love. Dont take advantage of her. Because someday, you'l realize what a great, kind, sweet, loving person you lost. And even though shes full of forgiveness, she doesnt like to waste time on people like you. Everything about her could make you melt. Shes perfect in every single way. If you take the time to really get to know her, and show her you care, her walls will come down, and maybe she just might let you in. Shes something special. Once you have her, dont ever let her get away.
"I really like Jaidyn."
"How dont you?"
by J5910 August 15, 2011
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She is super talented and pretty, but she never thinks that about herself. She is always thinking that she is nothing and that she is nothing to the world and that she doesn't matter. People try to encourage her, but it never will work. Jaidyn is a very special girl with unique differences from others. Jaidyn has problems with her heart, and has fragile bones. She is a very picky girl because she doesn't like too many foods. Jaidyn is one of people with the most talent ever. She has talent for singing, acting, dancing, volleyball, track, and many more sports and activities. Jaidyn is one of the most beautiful people in the world, she just doesn't realize it, and everyone tries to express their feelings to tell her that. Jaidyn is also very smart and good at academics and grades. She is very helpful and has deep and sweet feelings for others. Jaidyn will help anybody when they need help because she is such a nice person. She is very lovable, but don't break her, because once it happens once, it's over because she is over emotional. Don't break apart with her because then you'll realize how much a determined, hard working, sweet, kind loving, talented, and beautiful person she is, and she won't open her heart up to you ever again. Always try your best to make Jaidyn feel like a somebody because that's hard for her to say to herself, that she truly is a somebody, and Jaidyn is more than a somebody.
"I love Jaidyn," says boy 1.
"Why do you love her?" says boy 2.
"I mean, who wouldn't?" says boy 1.
"Good point," says boy 2.
by blakdjflka noodle fjndslf no December 10, 2016
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A girl with an open heart and a unique personality. One who loves wholeheartedly. One with passion and forgiveness. She is very smart and very beautiful. Dont take advantage of her, or the jokes on you. Dont let her get away, because you'l never find another like her.
If your girlfriends name is Jaidyn, dont ever let her go. Shes something special.
by Cody_4375 August 15, 2011
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The most wonderful person in the world. This Jaidyn I talk about is in grade 4 at this time. She can be clingy when it comes to hugs but that means she loves you. She has dark brown short hair, beautiful eyes, and a smile thats unforgettable. She has sisters but to her your the best sister anyone could have. She may be short but she has a huge personality. She is a very protective, and she can be stubborn when people are mean to her friends. But just give her a chance. She loves you very much. She loves when you call her Jai Jai and she is the most heart warming person ever. If you ever forget something at her house she won't let go of it till you got it back. Don't loose your Jai Jai, you WILL regret it. She may be small, but she means everything to you. 💖She is and will forever be...


Faith L.
Oh is that Jaidyn.

I don't like her that much.

Other person: What she is the best person in the world. She is like a little sister to me.
by Faith. Elise. M. Lev. November 16, 2018
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A kind, ever-so-loving soul that only wants to please you and make you the happiest man out there. She knows how to make your day that much better and makes you smile that much more (she can make you smile, but than smile after that smile). She is the cheesiest, most beautiful, and perfect girlfriend that I could ever ask for. She will spend late nights up with you and bring you just what you want on your late work nights (so ice cream for me) and you do the same for her. She adores you and will remind you of how perfect you look in her eyes. From road trips to game nights to cuddling in bed, she is the best person to hang out with and I am so very truly glad that she is mine because I will treat her right and love her to my hearts content. Jaidyn is definitly something special and you would never, ever want to treat her the wrong way because she can make you feel like the most important thing in her life.
Wow you're such a jaidyn to me!
by Toparamen July 1, 2017
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A Shy girl which is loyal and respects others her friends bring her down but she keeps others happy and is fun to be around
Girl1 I don’t like Jaidyn
Girl2 Why not?
Girl1 She is to shy
Girl2 Get to know her
by Babyblueraccoon February 7, 2018
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Jaidyn is a kind hearted boy and has always got a lovely way of words when speaking to his girlfriend, other wise he is the cheekiest bloke. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and can always take a joke. He is usaully tall and is very hot. He has the hearts of many girls but only gives his heart to the girl he truely loves.
When Jaidyn talks about his life with you, he means it. He is very faithful in a relationship and makes the girl overwhelmed by how incredibly romantic and funny he is. Whe he has a girlfriend he makes sure she is cherished and finds it hard to go a few days without seeing her. He will always make time for her.
He only dates girls if he knows he loves her. He will always be kind to you no matter what.

He is very playful and cheeky and usaully you will find him being a fan of 'Star Wars' or other typical guy movies. He loves having fun and aint afriad to show it.

Jaidyns are Sexy, Funny, To die for eyes, Great personality, Sweet, Loving <3
Jaidyn: I love you.
Girl: Awh! I love you more!
Jaidyn: Impossible <3
by #kidkat12 July 3, 2012
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