A beautiful black female r&b singer from Atlanta, Ga. Summer is best known for her hit singles “Girls Need Love” and “Playing Games”. In 2018, Summer released her mixtape “Last Day of Summer” and in 2019, Summer released her debut album “Over it”. Summer made history because her debut album “Over it” was the most streamed album by a female r&b artist ever.
Summer Walker is my favorite singer
by prinxcess lol February 20, 2020
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SWOD (Summer Walker Obsession Disorder) Describes the unhealthy hate obsession with R&B singer Summer Walker resulting in inserting her in situations she has nothing to do with, spreading hate towards her for no reason, or spreading Fake News. Usually done by SZA fans or Normani Fans.
“Oh my God, Summer listened to SZA’s new song now it’ll flop because of Summer Curse”

Summer Walker has worms for brains”

“Summer Walker is so dumb”

“Girl shut up! Your SWOD (Summer Walker Obsession Disorder) gets annoying.
by summerwalkerstan June 9, 2021
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