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One of the funniest comedians of the 90's. Starred in many hilarious movies such as Tommy Boy, Almost Hero's, Black Sheep, Beverly Hills Ninja and more. Due to depression because of being overweight Chris Farley dove into a downward cycle that unfortunately ended his life on December 18th 1997. Cause of death was overdose.
God bless Chris Farley and rest in peace. May he bring hilarity to Heaven.
by Oz January 01, 2005
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(noun) An exceptionally girthy penis with a small head resembling the physical appearance of the late comic actor Chris Farley. When sheathed in a condom, said penis is colloquially known as a fat guy in a little coat, in reference to a scene from the Farley film "Tommy Boy"
Can also be used as a verb, often in past participle form, meaning to copulate with a girthy, small- headed penis
Jean Claude was proud of his new piercing until he whipped out his Chris Farley and Tina ran for the hills.

I'm never taking that freak Barbara to the Cheesecake Factory again; we'd barely touched our appetizers by the time she'd downed 6 daiquiris and was getting Chris Farleyed by our waiter in the bathroom.
by Pimple Grandin June 02, 2017
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