The act of chopping cocaine with a razor of some sort to go ahead and snort.
I'm so chopped out right now
by slytheriansluttt July 26, 2017
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To take over some boring as batshit labour intensive task to help a mate out and give em a break.
Hey Stevo, need a chop out, so you can go grab some grub?
by sobil July 28, 2016
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piecing out an ounce or any amount of cocaine and distributing for profits.
hood term for selling cocaine.
I'll be chopping out for the rest of the night.
by S.Wallace January 26, 2009
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Exclamation indicating someone has recieved what they deserved. Also used as a put down when something bad happens to someone.
Chop out on Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Congressman (R). He was sentenced to 8 years in prison for taking more than 2 million dollars in bribes from defense contractors.

by Eve Wurtele March 16, 2006
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