backless open-toed sandal held onto the foot by thong in between the first and second toes.

More popularly called thongs, flip flops, zori.
hey carl, i was wearing my chonchos when i came over this morning, but i think your dog ingested them.
by intellektualspew November 16, 2007
Mexican slang word to describe a thing or persona, usually not in a derogatory sense.

1.Adj., Serious or Seriously

2. Adj., Big, Hefty, or Fat
1. Spanish El Guasón: "por qué tan Chonchos?"
English translation: "Why so serious?"

2. Spanish grocery ad: "Ahorros Chonchos!"
English translation: "Big fat savings!"
by chrcal September 28, 2016
1.a short fat ugly mexican

2.someone who is clumsy/overweight who is referred to as a short fat ugly mexican

3.fatass poser afi whore that wears hollister
last week, choncho admitted that he bleeds from his butthole every month so he can be cool, what a dumbass
by blue tape April 12, 2007
A ninja by this particular name is indeed a mighty black dragon.
Tragdorr- Wow this guy sucks at games but hes probably a ninja in real life..must be a Chonchoes.
by Chonchoes March 1, 2011
Gabe is small, short, stubby, has peach-like qualities, and is gullible to hairy snatches.
Gabe tried to pound my butt, but he was a choncho.
by Gar Bear SIXTYNINE January 8, 2008
A choncho pop is when a fat choncho (mexican) pours coke on the inside of the womans butthole and then drinks it.
Yo Man! I gave ma lady a fat choncho pop last night!
by lowlove18 June 29, 2011