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Choi Minho is another name for a South Korean male who is obsessed with sports. He is also a rapper, singer, dancer, model, and actor...

He is basically perfection in skinny jeans.

Synonyms: The Choi, Minho, Burning Charisma
Person 1: Hey! Have you seen that SHINee guy who is obsessed with sports?
Person 2: Yeah... Do you mean Choi Minho?
Person 1: Yes! Choi Minho... He has a reseeding hairline.
Person 2: I'm thirsty for The Choi hairline.
by VIPShawol June 13, 2014
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Choi Minho is the best person alive and I love him. The end.

Nah jkjk he’s the main rapper of SHINee and a sub vocalist. An amazing dancer and hilarious beautiful man. I love him more than you soooo. Jkjk you’re a shawol so ily
someone: lol bye
by XxBTSOBSESSEDxx March 03, 2019
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