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When a bunch of dudes line up their chodes on the ground and have a preferably lubed up girl to be the "car" and drag her breasts across the "chode road" Can also result in a "car wash" if the chodes are handled correctly. A car wash is when all the chodes unleash their sticky juices at once onto the "car"
Dude 1: Were you at the party last night?
Dude 2: No I couldn't make it. What happened there?
Dude 1: We made a huuge chode road and Lexi was the car and dragged her lubed breasts all over it. After she was done, we all gave her a nice "car wash" if you know what I mean.
Dude 2: You all jizzed on her at once? I really wish I could see that in action.
Dude 1: Well you're lucky you weren't there when her mom walked in the room...
by FNEinonw November 19, 2013
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A "chode road", is a road or street where frat houses are. People in frats are chodes, hence the name "chode road."
Bro are you going to the party tonight?
The one on chode road?!
by SnackLord December 26, 2016
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