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A term used by chill bros in texts to wow other bros that describes hordes of fun-loving, enthusiastic, early stage alcoholic, possibly loose, possibly not (on average more-loose-than-not) young females who are possibly hot, possibly not (on average more-hot-than-not) flocking/pilgrimaging to a certain locale (local frat house rager/edm festival/full moon party/yoga festival at the college rec center) mainly to party/look hot/attract bros. Can be used before-the-fact to indicate ez opportunity for bros to communicate with said females thereby indicating high probability of being able to have familiar relations with at least one of said females. If used after-the-fact, it is usually said by a bro who was at the event but was not able to close on any said females to another bro who missed out on the event to give the impression that said bro said what up to so many said females and definitely made out with with at least one and probably went home with one.

Popular among: Pikes, Fijis, high school heroes, chill bros.
Fiji Bro1: Brooo there's gunna be soo many chixxx prowling island tn, def gunna fiji slam tn, broo
Fiji Bro2: Bigg bet bro, I'll be there no doubt (no doubt), brother

Pike Bro1: Yooo swamp was L I T ln bro, sooo many chixxx
Pike Bro2: Damn broo I bet you got so much butthut ass! I missed it cuz cooted way 2 hard at the pregame and crashed out.
Pike Bro1: Oh fasho brother, no doubt! Haha that fuckin sucks brother. rip
by Jack threeD February 16, 2019
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a term attention-deprived female filipino teenagers use to compliment other attention-deprived teenagers. widely used by "plastic" teens. apparently, it is a compliment, but most people with average IQ think people who use it should be classified as stupid.
people who post a lot of selfies, in turn, get a lot of "chixxx" comments.
omg she's so chixxx!
honey why are you so chixxx?
by deegeets December 19, 2013
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