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A yummy treat in which soft, vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between two, large chocolate chip cookies. Then, the exposed vanilla ice cream is coated with chocolate chips.
There's nothing like a cold Chipwich on a hot, summer day.
by Angie Sanders September 23, 2005
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the most amazing this ever made by man.
Vanilla ice cream in between two chocolate chip cookies with the circomfrence smothered in chocolate chips.
the best one are sold at camp!!
consoler: who got a chipwich ?
sara: i did!! i did!!
vicky: you love chipwichs dont you.
vicky: YEAH THEY ARE!!
sara and vicky: WOOP WOOP
by #1 chipwich fan October 16, 2005
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A chipwich is made by taking regular potato chips and putting it on top of a slice of bread. The bread is folded in half so less of a mess is made with the chips, and for the sake of it being a sandwich.
It tastes better than it might sound!
by anonymous July 01, 2005
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The idea of shitting over a bed to make it look like chocolate chips, and then sandwiching your partner.
Yo dude, I just got a chipwich!
by freeme123 December 04, 2011
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