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Common person, usually resident in one of the lesser-developed cities (such as Liverpool) and more specifically on a council estate (the UK’s version of “da projects”), who likes to eat chips for/with every meal. Typically they will wear extremely tacky looking gold jewellery and fake Burberry clothing. They have very little or no education, nor do they have any recognisable communication skills. They blow most of the government's generous scum-allowance on the day they receive it, on scratchcards and then in the pub, then subsist on Bensons and food from the chippy for the rest of the month. Consequently they are malnourished and have weeping sores on their faces. Generally criminal, and frankly unlikely to ever contribute anything to society. Since conscription is unlikely they aren't even good for absorbing bullets fired by johnny-foreigner, and so serve no purpose and should be ethnically clensed. They feel no remorse in procreating way beyond their financial means. Moreover, if they find themselves to some level of pecuniary advantage, they feel obliged to screw this up by dropping a sprog at the earliest opportunity.
Me: Hey! You sir! Why are you eating chips so early in the morning?
Chip Eater: Just got da fookin dole an' am from fookin Toxteth.
by Sean Adanby January 13, 2004
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