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someone from Chinese and Mexican decent.
Excuce me RC, it appears that you are a Chinese man with a good tan eating a burrito. Are you a chinexican?

Why yes they are! My grandfather was a Chinese diplomat and fell in love with a Mexican hooker named Esmerelda.
by tigersud December 09, 2010
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This is a person who was born from a Chinese mother or father and a Mexican mother or father. It is a more precise word than "mixed person".
When a Chinese woman and a Mexican man have a baby, it will be a proud Chinexican.
by la chinita June 04, 2009
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A person of mixed heritage, part of which being chinese (or other asian) and the other being mexican (or other latin)
Kim-Jong-Il and Jennifer Lopez just had the ugliest little chinexican bitch ive ever seen.
by Millen July 25, 2008
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