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The one person who makes you feel as though you actually have a reason to live. The one you could never stand to be without anymore, and you wonder how you got by before her. The one that is there to make you feel special. The one you tell is beautiful no matter how often she denies it because you know it's true. A girlfriend is someone you truely love, and they should be treated like queens. Should one ever be treated like dirt, that male deserves to be shot on the spot. Women deserve kindness, adoration and respect. If you truely love her, those should come naturally.
I love my girlfriend Maria because she means more to me than anything ever has, does or will.
by Millen August 25, 2007

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A person of mixed heritage, part of which being chinese (or other asian) and the other being mexican (or other latin)
Kim-Jong-Il and Jennifer Lopez just had the ugliest little chinexican bitch ive ever seen.
by Millen July 25, 2008

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