The delicate skin located between the vagina and the anus, sometimes used by men (and some women), as a breather during prolong and intensive beaver eating session. It's vital to add that the majority of women would prefer a post-shaved chin. Some women can tolerate a beard stating that it excites the surface nerves, and can cause moderate orgasmic quakes.

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: There have been numerous complaints that a 2 to 3 day growth of stubble can have the same effect as 100 grain sandpaper on this delicate area.
Herbie was new to this, but he was getting the hang of it. Now, 25 minutes later, he sensed trouble when his lower lip and jaw started going numb. Plus his lungs were crying for fresh air. "Dammit!", he thought. He unknowingly dragged his stubbled-chin roughly onto Sally's chin rest, removing a couple of layers of skin in the process and mumbled weakly, "Time-out."
by mace April 11, 2004
the area between the vag and anus
when it takes yo woman sooo long to come and you need a break, just relax on the ol chin sheeezeee
by cliffsidepush February 18, 2003
a place for the lady to rest her chin aka your nut sack
She was licking my chin rest all night
by chillcat May 30, 2003
That wee bit bridge of skin between the lovely vaginal hole and the arse. Sometimes used to rest ones chin after a long lick of the hairy cup.
"I,ll tell ye what Jim, I was down on her for hours, had to use the chin rest though, me tongue got cramp!"
by Ultravox May 10, 2009
While lickin a bitches poon, you shove your two baby fingers up her ass and rest you're chin in your thumbs.
My bitch takes too damn long to cum, so instead of donkey kong punching her, i just used the roman chin rest.
by B-dizzog April 29, 2005