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a board with wheels and trucks.....this device is used to have fun and if ur gonna do it ....love it!!
A skateboard is GOD!!!
by NACHOsk8r August 29, 2003

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Someone who skateboards or rollerblades....and not little pussy bitches who say they can skate but cant.....even if they just started skatin and arent good its ok b/c they keep the sport alive!!!and if u say a skater sux fuck u...it is pointless to fight over this.....if u love to do it its wut is in your heart that helps u...and skating isnt only a punk thing to do....any one person can do it it no matter wut race or gender...and i have seen girls that can skate better than most guys...so fight about skatin dumbasses.
A skater isnt only punk, a skater is sumone one who skates and loves it!!
by NACHOsk8r August 29, 2003

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chillin and relaxin
I am just chillaxin with home slices!
by NACHOsk8r August 28, 2003

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