a nutsack!typically on men or fat women who act like men. or who smell like dookie
Hey! don't make me kick your chicken bag!
by peedonu August 8, 2004
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A oven roasting bag for a chicken that is fitted to collect vapors for inhalation. Design provides ease of use for large groups or individuals.

Hey man, you want have another chicken bag before we go?
by Bill Melater April 20, 2006
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A tasty delight produced by dipping ones chicken bag into a pot of water. Allow the chicken bag to simmer on medium heat for 15 minutes. Once chicken bag is pinkish, add 1 tsp. of Grey Poupon mustard, a head of brocolli, and a package of Kraft Macaroni + Cheese. Allow chicken bag to simmer along with the remaining ingredients for an additional 23 minutes.
My balls were burning after I used them to prepare chicken bag soup.
by haleyaryan December 7, 2010
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Chicken, often of the tender or nugget variety, in a plastic bag for enjoyment on the go. Or to prevent the grease from getting on your clothes.
Brad> Ugh, I'm starving. I wish I had a convenient snack composed primarily of the white meat of some domestic foul.
Steve> Don't worry, I brought some bag chicken.
Brad> Well Skipidy-mother-fucking do! :D
by Liquidinfirmity February 7, 2011
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food that black people bring to block parties, its just chicken thrown in a trash bag (enough to feed an army), sometimes raw, that is left out to cook in the sun and hopefully become well done over the course of the black block party. great with cornbread, watermelon, and grape soda
hey, what can i bring to the party?
How about some TBC?
by damanwitdaplan July 31, 2005
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It's the hoe with the trash bag booty that brings the trash bag chicken to the party on a boat.
"Is dat all u be bringin to da party u trash bag chicken hoe?" or
"Get ur trash bag chicken hoe ass off my boat!"
by himsandhers April 16, 2010
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